Steve fortes gambling protection series

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Steve fortes gambling protection series casino hotel mgm vegas

The first three episodes contain incredible material on false deals, shuffles, cuts, switches, gaffs, peeks, palms, holdouts and every other possible way of cheating at cards whether you are playing blackjack, rummy, bridge or poker. I spent 2 years with those videos and virtually nothing else in Okinawa.

Posted by David Britland at 6: Jun 24, View our Frequent Questions. Segal Special user San Diego Posts. However, the goal of the original series was to understand the techniques in order to be able steve fortes gambling protection series spot them, and almost every technique is shown from angles that facilitate learning the core move. But Steve isn't worried about the loss of revenue, I can assure you. I am about 46 and three quarter years old and I have a birthday coming up in September.

I've heard lots of great stuff about this video-series on this forum, but some preview of it is nowhere to be found. Are there someone out there who know of a url or  Looking for best set. Editorial Reviews. Volume One: False Shuffles, Stacking, Hops And Shifts, Gambler's False Cuts, The Interlace, Crimps, Protection Tips and more. Steve Forte is. Steve Forte has an almost supernatural ability with cards. It was at the Gambler's Book Shop Shop in Las Vegas that I first heard his name.

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